Saturday, 29 October 2011


Blog 16


October 29 2011

Well we are heading into November and as we get ready to change our clocks ahead, I had realized I have not posted a blog for a while. I thought of many things I could write about especially since the seasons have changed this time of year holds so many different meanings. November 1 will be six months since we lost Jagger. He loved fall and winter he took on different personalities in theses seasons. He loved to be outside sniffing in the park and watching the squirrels, he also liked rolling around in the snow. October 26 was 6 months since we lost our nephew Eric. This time of season he would have been well started into the hockey season and we would have been following along with him on face-book. I would speak with my sister on the phone get all the news about the kids and then we would talk about Eric. It’s still a hard time but it is getting better.  Arlene has managed to take down the wedding plan she had on our refrigerate making sure that Jags was taken out to have a break during the reception. It had been there since we had plan the wedding in January before everything happened. It was a hard moment for her.  With that said let me tell you a bit about married life people ask me how is married life? I tell them wow what a deferent’s, they say things really changed and of course I say yes because when she nags me  now it’s from my wife and not my girlfriend it’s a big deferent’s! (grinJ). We are not most newlyweds. We did not run off somewhere to have a week away enjoying time together no not us. I whisked us away to the library at the university and spent most of my time writing papers and preparing for midterms. Arlene of course started looking through pictures and asking my opinion and of course being the loving husband I am I replied “ l would love to look at pictures but I have to write papers” ahhhhhh (grinJ). We did do something special together, that a real romantic groom would do with any new bride. I took my bride to the Ocularists, to have my prosthesis in my left eye adjusted if that is not showing your new bride a good time I don’t know what is!  How many grooms do you know get to show off their false, eye? (lolJ). I would have posted pictures but Arlene would not give them to me. We did manage to go out to a very nice dinner with our best friends (best man and brides maid) at that point we all needed a break. With all hat said I am so happy that we got married I would not change it for the world.
Now that October is coming to the end (hurray) it is just in time to get ready for finals  (boo L) Arlene and I will take a weekend away in the spring after the next semester to relax and enjoy each other without the hustle and bustle of school and daily challenges. We will also be waiting to hear about a new guide dog, I will let everyone know when the application will be sent in.  For now I will get back to writing papers and Arlene will start the thank you cards.

Thanks to everyone!       

Friday, 7 October 2011

Blog 15 October 8 2011

Blog 15:  October 7, 2011

7 Days

It’s 10:55 at midnight it will be mine and my wife’s 7 day anniversary. The wedding was fantastic the service was none like any had ever seen! The music was great praise and worship, with keyboard, guitar, drums and trumpet. No one had to look for the words we had it all on power point. My wife and I with the help of my friend set a separate power point of our journey over the last 11 years including one of us at graduation in Connecticut with the trainer, and my wife and I in our Canadian shirts get my diploma and Jagger. My brother sent pictures of his family with a sign saying congratulations. I could not give just one high light of the service you laughed you cried you praised and worshiped. As I said to everyone if you did not feel the Holy Spirit or any emotions you did not have a pulse!
I know it sounds funny to hear a groom talk about his wedding like this but I have to say that I am still moved.
The readers were great our daughter read the Love poem, our two ministers friends read the bible readings, and I have to say that I have heard these readings many times before from family members at weddings, but until you heard them read with passion and love, they are just words. (I am talking from my own experience, Psalm 1and 1 Corinthians 13) I can’t talk for others. Our oldest son walked my wife down isle our oldest daughter was a brides made and read. Our youngest son who is autistic and just started reading unknown to us spent time with the minister that morning practicing reading, when it came time to for the minister to read our vows he called up our son and our son read the vows. It was a tearful time for my wife and I, and everyone in the Church. Some people count their wealth by money or possessions or who they know! We can honestly say we count our wealth by our friends and family who to us are one in the same. We were so blessed to have our best friends not only to stand as our best man, and matron of honor, but they were so much more than that. My child hood friend officiated the wedding and it was because we had known each other for so long it made it relaxed and fun joyous. My best man not only stood with me but lead the praise and worship for the service but also guided me around gave me my Q’s and made sure that I was safe, we did all the movements without a cane, I kept him hopping. His wonderful wife was the matron of honor she took great care of my wife before, during and after the service, they also did a wonderful duet for us during the signing as well as had to sign the documents. At the end of service the quire that my wife and belong to came up to sing for us, did I mention that my best man is the quire director so he took care of that as well along with his wife. I have to say it was wonderful.
The food was outstanding the soup was homemade along with everything else, we ask certain guest to cook things our best man, and matron of honors daughter did all our vegetables everything was fantastic did I mention that the best man and matron of honor made sure that happened for us!
My wife and I wanted a true Celtic wedding with people from the community pitching in. My sister made the favorites and cooked our matron of honor did all our cup cakes, her sister made the bride and groom cake it was great. We held the reception in the basement of the church for us it was community being brought together.
The theme was Brigadoon and as my wife said it was only open for one day, if you have not seen the movie I highly recommended it.
My wife’s friend had made our invitations and drove the down from Kentucky. I got to meet her and we became close friends in a short time and we look forward to seeing them hopefully soon.
The grooms’ speech was long but I got to honor a few very good friends.
When we first started the plans for the wedding Jag’s was fine and all was good, but Oct 1 was Jag’s 4 months passing, the 26 Sep was my nephew passing 4 months and in the middle of all that one of my best friends got married and we had to leave right after the service to bring Jag’s home.
We had a big picture of Jag’s in the hall, I had picture of my nephew and my best friend and his new wife was there (he officiated the wedding). I got to honor Jag’s, I honored my sister and her grandson who passed away (my great nephew) I to toast my best friend and his new wife because I could not before.
We left, I got to toast his wife for videotaping the service my brother got sick the day of, and she also helped out right up until my wife had to get dressed. I got to toast my other best friend and his wife (best man and matron of honor) who was there through everything and was always on the other end of the phone when we needed them or was at he house just when we needed to have some there. I toast to all the people in the room who have shared the journey of the last 11 years with us and most of all I got to toast my bride. She said to me a week before the wedding she waited 11 years for this day, I told her in my toast I waited 32 years. I told her when she was 15 I was going to marry her, and I am like a Pit-bull when I get a hold something in my head I don’t Quit!              the mi   food was outstanding