Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blog 18 December 31, 2011
The End to the Beginning

It is New Years Eve and like most people I cannot wait for this year to end! The symbolism behind the last day of the year, for most is putting the bad or the good behind them and of course starting of a new. I am usually one of those people you know (type A) personality that make a list and have a plan! for what they want to achieve for the upcoming year.    We sit down make resolutions for the upcoming year and for some there resolution is no more resolutions. I never understood that because that in its self is almost impossible. The reason I say it is impossible is that you are not the only one on the planet your life is intertwined with others and they manage to draw you into goal setting be it your boss, friends or partner so when people say that they are not making resolutions that in itself is a resolution.
As I look over the past year I can honestly say I cannot wait for midnight to come. It was very hard year the loss of Eric, Jagger The loss of my best friend’s father, and our good friend who passed away not too long ago and of course not having a guide dog made this year very tough it created a lot of issues for me. I have to tell you that this year was not all bad and I am a type of person that does not like to dwell on things but as the year comes to close I want to share the highlights of this year.
The first thing was the healing of my foot injury that lasted a year and half it finally healed. The second item was that we spent a week reconnecting with an old friend of my wife’s whom became a very close friend of mine we had a wonderful time together and she gave us an incredible gift of our wedding invitations.   We got to enjoy one of our best friend’s weddings over the summer. We came to realize how lucky we were to have great family and friends. The last and I think the most important was getting married to my childhood sweetheart and my best friend which for me was the strong close to the year. It was a time that brought our family’s closer together. We had our best friends as the best man, and matron. We had our best friend marry us. We had all our kids apart of the service and wedding party. We took time to honour the people we lost and enjoyed the people that were there. We got to see as we call them our new adopted grandchildren enjoy the wedding with. We got to watch many miracles happen before during and at the end of the evening.   
This leads me to my New Year’s resolution which is very simple to live life as it was meant to be.  We are going to have more fun in our lives. We will do more things together as a couple and as a family. I am going to train more because it makes me feel good. I am going to go on more walks with my wife in the woods and by the river. I am going to go to university to study not with the hopes of starting a new career right away but for the enjoyment of learning about Theology, not just for the spiritual part but for the rich history it has. I am going to meet more people and get to know them. I will laugh more and tell more jokes. Take more journeys. I have some new projects I am working on that are fun and everyone will enjoy.  Quite simply I am going to enjoy life more.


Happy New-Year 2012.       

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blog 17 December 4 2011

End of the Semester; A New  Mountain To Climb. 

It’s that time Christmas break the end of the semester. Hooray!! I don’t mind telling you it has not been easy. I have one more paper due on Friday and of course it will take everything for me to get it done.
This semester has been a big learning curve for me it has been hard to focus. I had so many things happening at the same time, the wedding, hospital appointments and a tremendous amount of reading to do, along with papers it has seemed like I have been doing papers.
I learned that I don’t enjoy walking with a cane especially in the snow, but the good news is and that’s why I am writing this blog tonight is ??? I finished my application for the Canadian Guide Dog School and sent it on Saturday, and now the waiting to hear from them begins. We sure miss having a dog in the house and we sure Miss Jags a lot, but hopefully things will work out.
A funny thing happened on the way to the post office, a lady stopped me and asked how long have I been blind, not a strange question since I get this all the time. I could tell by the shadow on her face she was wearing wrap round sun glasses ( normally worn by a person who is visually impaired) she began to tell me that she had an eye problem, asked where her cane was? She began to tell me that she was afraid to use it because she did not want people to stare at her, and she had some sight and was afraid of the repercussion of some people might say. I have to tell you that this is not the first time that I hear of this, and I have experienced this myself. I could hear the pain in her voice as she was talking to me, I have to tell you this conversation took place in French, and my French is not the greatest but we communicated ok, with each other. As I stood there listening to her, I got this overwhelming feeling that I was suppose to meet this person, as I call it a (Jabez moment ) 1st Chronicles 4:10 we talked for a few more moments she told me that someone was coming this week to show her the cane. I gave her my card with my cell phone number and told her to call me if she wanted someone to go out with and practice with her cane. I write this not to tell you about me, but the importunes of helping people. I thankful everyday for my wife and kids, my friends, my family because they have always been there to support me, when I lost Jags they were there to ensure that I got around until I felt comfortable enough with my cane. I don’t know if she will call me but even if she does not at least she knows that someone is there to help her if she wants it.      

So with that said I will keep everyone posted about the dog, and I will tell everyone  how this semester plays out.,and if I hear from that lady, I will keep you posted.

Until then look for your Adventures Around The Corner.