Monday, 26 September 2011

Last few weeks

Blog 14 September 26  2011

The last few weeks.

These last few weeks has felt like it has dragged by. The days are long between the wedding plans and school it feels like time is standing still.
On Monday I went to the doctor’s office and I kind wish I stayed home, that appointment is for another blog session. I came home and did some home work. On Tuesday on my way to class I realized that my pace was slower my thoughts all over the place. I came across 3 blind people training with their new guide dogs, they were big Burnies mountain dogs. I thought how lucky they were. I went to class tying to stay awake and not yawn. I met a friend after class we went outside and met a man,who introduce us to his big beautiful 105lbs German Sheppard he was black and tan  his name was Rex he was so beautiful I almost cried. He asked about Jags. I explained what happen and he said he was sorry, what else could he say, but for that few minutes I got to pet a big Sheppard. 
On Wednesday I don’t remember what we did but it was things for the wedding. On Thursday I thought it would be more of the same. I dragged my way to class, I went into the cafĂ© to eat lunch sat at usual place took my hat off and my sunglasses rubbed my face and let out a sigh. The girl at the table said “it’s a long day “I said yes and it’s just getting started. I started speaking with the girl she asked what I was taken, I told her “Theology” she was so happy she said she was a Christian and was with a campus organization, we talked some more I felt better, she asked if I would go and talk at her group I gave my card I asked her, her name she said it was Joy! Wow I thought just when I needed some Joy in my spirit right about now. I went to class I didn’t fall asleep I felt awake and happy. Friday’s class was good all except the paper that’s due on the 30th of September the day before the wedding. Saturday we went to Ontario, the next province or (State) to pick up some more stuff for the wedding. We went with our good friends who happens to be my best man and brides made (not the same person) his wife and who is also the music director and my guide, he wears many hats for this wedding (and he Juggles to). On Sunday we went to church were we had a great contemporary service that we call family service that we love so much that’s put on by our friends and our church with power point it’s great. It’s Monday again I spent the day reading prepping for the paper I need to write and doing wedding vows and just doing stuff. The wedding is 5days away I can’t wait I am really looking forward to marring my child hood sweet heart my friend and love of my life.    

Friday, 16 September 2011

The Day!

Blog 13 September 15 2011

The Day!

The day has been like no other. I have started university and have been traveling back and forth without to many mishaps. My pace is slower and it’s hard to focus but today was the hardest. This is the day that Jagger and I would have celebrated our 5 years together as a guide dog team, to the day. I know it has been 3 months since he passed away but he let me know that he was still watching out for me and hanging around.
This morning on my way to class there was a lady who was walking her dog. She had one of those extendable leashes with a gentle collar the ones that goes around the neck and snout. The dog was pulling her around and she was yelling at the dog “I am fed up with this and you better start listening” as the dog plunked firmly on the ground and looked at her in that silly manner as to say what’s wrong? As she got close to me I asked if her dog was friendly, and I asked if I could pet her dog?(Buddy) she said yes he is friendly and yes I could pet him. I stretched out my hand he immediately sat to my left and just looked at me while I petted him for me it was like petting Jag’s but smaller. Buddy sat the same way Jags would sit  I would pet the top of his head and wait for the bus while I petted  the top of his head. I checked the collar and told her it was twisted up and the type of leash she was using was not a good one for that type of collar. I further explained to her that this collar is to keep your dog tight and slow it’s pace that can only be achieved if you have control.
I learned all this by having a Big Dog! Who thought he was a small puppy and as he taught me these collars are only good if you know what you’re doing.
I spent the bus ride and most of my day thinking about all he adventures at the bus stop, you might think how much, adventures could you have at a bus stop? Trust me if you knew Jagger you could understand.
It was a cool damp day with drizzle this was Jag’s weather he could work and walk for hours in this type of weather I know because we use to. On the way home from class I stopped at his favorite spot, were he could take a break sniff look at the squirrels and birds get his cookie and water get a scratch and come home to see mom and Chris and just be his silly self.
I said a prayer for him, left the park and headed to the bus stop and came home read the Rainbow Bridge poem looked at some photos and just remembered the people we met all the joy he brought to others the fun we had and all of our travels all in 5 short years.

We still miss him a lot but thank God everyday for having him in our lives. He made us laugh and everyday you could always count on a new Jagger story make you laugh if you were sad.      

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Blog 12: September 6, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed, Mother Goose is watching!

I felt like I was in a two different movies today! The first one was Top Gun, Mother Goose (My Wife) felt it so necessary to drive me to the main bus terminal so I could catch the main bus into town. Although it was nice just sitting around waiting and taking my time to get ready to head into class. I was set to do it on my own. I realized it was not for me that I was doing this it was for her so she could feel somewhat comfortable with me going out without a guide dog. The other movie is the Eagles Dare. A crack team of commandos during World War Two attack the famous Eagles nest. Upon their arrival they  had called  headquarters to report. The code is The Eagle Has Landed! Needless to say when I arrived at school I had to call Mother Goose and tell her The Eagle Has Landed. These simple code words make it fun to call because if I didn’t have fun with it I would feel like I had to report to my mom instead of my wife. The other reason is that it keeps people around me guessing on who exactly I am speaking with.  
For the most part the walk was uneventful but long. I found myself counting streets and remembering the street names and let’s not forget how many times I could stab myself with the cane, and who can forget the  people  you walk into and they give you that look although I don’t see it I can feel it! The class is hard and a lot of reading and papers will need to be done, but this is exactly what I need to pull me out of the slump. I will have a chance to work with the new Jaws program and practice keyboard commands. At the end of the class I met a couple of friends from last semester, of course they asked about Jag’s after telling them the story it was somber but they had some good tales to tell when he would stand up yawn and stretch the professor would just stop and look at him. Jag’s new when class finished; he would get up and walk to me and lift my hand off the computer and the professor would say ok Mickey say’s “the class is over” we all would laughed.
On my walks I have entertained a thought of building a hidden camera in my jacket to record people when I am walking down the street, I think this a project that will happen sooner than later. All in all it wasn’t so bad this is the first day of the first step of training for the possibility of a new dog or the adjustment of not having one. Either way it’s the first step of moving forward.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Blog 11 September 5, 2011

Starting out!

Well it’s that time! It’s time to start back to University tomorrow and, I for the first time in 5years will be heading out on my own.
I have been feeling a lot of stress and anxiety about this day, not that I am afraid to travel without a dog or to walk around Montreal with a cane. I think what I will miss the most is that companionship.
It was nice to walk with someone even if that someone was a guide. If I felt lonely and needed to talk I could say words of encouragement to Jag’s like good job when we crossed the street, or just when we would walk he would guide so good that I would say good job all the time.
These simple words that I would say to him would boost his confidence and give him encouragement at the same time it would also encourage me as well. Those simple words; Good Job was enough for both of us to encourage each other.
It will be hard when I get off the bus in Montreal the first stop we would make is the park outside of the bus terminal. Jag’s new exactly where his spot was, rain, snow, hot or cold it was exactly the same spot, when we were finished class we would stop at the same park he knew that’s where he got his treat and water and a good scratch for doing a good job.  
No going to class is not hard doing it without Jagger will be the hardest, partly because of the mobility but mainly I won’t have my friend with me!