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Blog 35 May 22, 2013

Blog 35 May 22, 2013
The 1st, 2nd and 6th
It has been a long time since a wrote a blog since (Jan 1, 2013) that I must apologies for not writing sooner. In fact I have not done much in the way of e-mails or responding to e-mails or reading comments or Jokes or witty comments, it has taken everything I had to just get through this semester.
I have been dealing with so much stuff that I just could not take on anymore. My doctor felt it necessary to keep trying to find that winning combination of lucky pills that would make it all better. After the 3rd time of trying a combination I told her for now think of it as when you get your security code wrong 3 times you loose access to that account. I told her it was for the same with me that was the third try there is no 4th!
I was trying to deal with 4 major things at that time. The 1st was my foot injury after healing one I got another, while compensating on side of foot it created another injury on the other. This meant more staying in bed and adapted transport, and for those who have never had the pleasure of adapted transport if you want to go somewhere you need the day to travel. If it is a 2hr trip you can count on 5 hours to get it done. If you have a dog, be prepared to share a taxi Car with 2 other adults and have your 80lb dog sit in your lap, Great fun and stressful on me and the dog!
So I missed some first very important dates and events. The first being it was a somber moment when the date came for the 1st anniversary of death of my very good friend Sylvain Downs, I don’t know how many times that  I wanted to call him just to say or stop by with Lucky our family still misses him. The next firs we celebrated Lucky’s 3rd birthday on Feb 14 but it was his first with us. The next first was Lucky and mine first year anniversary together as a team. We came together April 11 2012 and it has been great ever since.
We did our first year evaluation on May 3rd and went great. The next first was our youngest sons first year in College and although it is a special program trust me there was nothing special about the homework. He worked hard to learn and understand, he learned sciences, he had personal growth, he took two college courses and did really well. He had some hard times but no matter how hard or tried he was never quit! I have tell you this he is my Hero but to me and Arlene all our kids are our Hero’s!
As I am writing this Blog we are coming upon 2 major anniversaries. The first is the 2nd year of the passing of my nephew Eric I keep his picture on the wall along with Jagger because there dates are intertwined. The second is the anniversary of Jagger and have to tell you that as sad as that makes me feel, I see a lot of him in Lucky. I feel very privileged to have been a part of all of them.
The 6 anniversary of, talking at the schools. I was asked to come back and speak once again at the high school to the science class. The interesting part of this was I have now spoke to every student in the school on personal level.
It was the 1st year for Lucky and they loved him and enjoyed hearing about the whole process.
These talks are really no longer about what it is like to be visually impaired it is more about life and how you approach it. I talk about Eric and Jagger. I talk about how Eric was and his stand on bulling and talk about Jagger and how he was and on his lasts days made sure I got to the hospital and made sure I was okay.
People , ask me what are you doing with your Certificate Pastoral Ministry? I tell them sit in on one of my talks and find out!

I will be blogging more now.
We are on the Move once again wait for some more blogs we are doing our First walk- a-thon on May 26 2013 and we will doing it in our area from starting from our church and ending it will be a 4km walk.  
Here is a link to my online donation do not let the 0 donations scare you because we have raised some money.  


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  1. Oh John-you just can't seem to catch a break, and have a good, medically stable,year-with no heartbreak. It's been so rough-yet you just plow through it all as best as you can. We think you are amazing-as always, and this is a wonderful picture of you and Lucky.

    Love-Ron, Gini and Ace